Monday, 2 November 2009

Get behind my new campaign!

We all know, deep down, that England are a little bit rubbish at football. And we won't get past the Quarter Finals next summer in South Africa.

So join my new campaign, let's all have Honduras as our country to support next June. Yes, I might be a little bit biased because we have two of their standout performers in Hendry Thomas and Maynor Figueroa. But you can't deny the pure, unadulterated joy in the radio commentator's voice when he realises that they've qualified for the World Cup in this clip:

So if you're on Facebook, spread the word of this group, see if we can get everyone behind Los Catrachos!

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  1. Yeah, go Honduras! Only problem is if they do well, everybody will be after Figgy and co. come the start of next season.

    That's assuming we're still in the divison... not to be negative. Come on Latics.


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