Saturday, 31 October 2009

Aftermath: Portsmouth 4-0 Wigan

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I'll wait until Match of the Day to fully make my mind up, but to be battered by a team bottom of the league and without a home win all season smacks of over-confidence.

By all accounts we were horrendous defensively - something that was poor earlier on in the year, but looked like it was being rectified in recent weeks. Obviously, with our new style of play defensive stability will be compromised slightly, but to concede four goals is outrageous. No offence meant to Portsmouth but on paper they certainly aren't four goals better than we are (clearly they were miles better than us today).

It does seem that we struggle horribly against compact, hard-working teams - apart from Portsmouth we have also been beaten by Hull and Wolves, who are similar sorts of teams. Against the more expansive and confident teams we are allowed to play how we want to, resulting in the extremely impressive scorelines against Aston Villa, Chelsea and Burnley. Let's not forget that included in our next six games are Fulham, Birmingham and Stoke who are likely to play in a similar manner to Portsmouth today - they'll view it as a game the have to get a result out of. Somehow we need to find the middle ground between the two, because as well as we might play against the top sides it will be the results when we play those teams around us that will decide our fate this season.

All in all, not a devastating result - although one that will raise significant concerns for Roberto Martinez ahead of Sunday's clash with Fulham.


  1. To be fair, I don't think Portsmouth will finish bottom of the league and they're on a good run of form. Couple that with a home crowd and, some might say, the rub of the green (Latics not playing to the whistle etc), and it was their afternoon.

    You have to wonder if the events of this week have affected us and hope it'll all be forgotten by next weekend. I also hope we get our back four sorted by then.

  2. Haha f*** off you inbred cu*t... what great knowledge you have pompey 1-2 wigan? well done

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  4. Anonymous, what a fabulously eloquent and well thought out comment. You must be very proud of yourself - if you're so good at predictions, get yourself over to Sky's Super Six competition, I fully expect to see your name as the £100,000 winner next Saturday.

    Anyway, the scores will be up on Monday afternoon BladeXVII, I don't think I've done too well...


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